Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Next Week!

I'm currently overexcited about my trip next week. Okay, mainly not because the trip... but the main purpose of it. You must have guessed... yes, what else? I'm talking about Super Show 3 Super Junior in Singapore. I just made a phone call to Bimbi two hours ago and she is definitely in the same state as mine (Gracia, why are you so passive in messenger?)

To be honest, sometimes I also ask myself... is it 'normal' thing to do? I mean... okay, I know Super Junior is not the best singers or the best dancers on earth. Absolutely not. Do not compare them to other singers that you might find in Java Jazz or to the dancers from So You Can Think You Can Dance? They're just... different.

For me, Super Junior is very entertaining boyband. Yes aside from their handsome face (don't care whether it's plastic or natural beauty), they sell "proximity" to their fans. Frankly speaking, I start being their fan not because of their songs. Okay, their songs are ear-catching, but the explorer of human body is definitely the initial reason why I really like them. It's one of their variety show in which they were doing random funny things that made me and friends laugh to dead during our dark age (final project). They reveal their silly personalities to their fans and make them feel 'closer' to their idol. Well, it is probably part of their marketing plans.. I mean all they did on TV might be written in scripts, just fake personalities. But hey, it's their job to entertain the viewers--whether it was just acting or not, as long as they could pamper us... that's okay for me. Besides, from what I have watched in some videos, their stage performance are indeed cool and amusing (and Kyuhyun's voice has a special power to melt me down)

So, everyone has their own choice toward entertainments. Some of you might also go to Singapore to get some fun in Universal Studio. And I prefer to go watching a boyband show in Singapore Indoor Stadium because I'm not interested in theme parks. That's fair right? I'm looking for my own entertainment (and I'm so happy to do it with my best mates--without them, it would be different), thank you very much :*

And this is my recent status:

Ticket for concert checked
Flight checked
Passport checked
Accommodation err.. 50%
Luggage zero (I will just bring a backpack and a handbag.. easy~)
Money 0_0
Lyrics T_T (Korean is difficult!)
Map I don't know the route to the indoor stadium but we could just ask later~
Heart @#$%^&*)

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