Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

a cup of tea

Whenever I feel cold--inside or outside--I will just walk to the kitchen
Grab a mug from the cabinet, fill it with 3 spoonful of sugar
Put tea powder into the pink-painted ceramic teapot
Pour the hot water from water heater

Wait for several minutes...

.... and my mind drifts into a certain memory

have you ever read the story about a rat living in a teapot?

or about the tiny Thumbelina?

Tick Tock... Time flies

I pour the hot tea into my mug, stir it and make the solid sugar turns liquid

Feel the warmness of the drink, I put my lips on the brim of mug... slowly sip the substance

When my brain translates the taste, I could only sigh...

The tea is too sweet...

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