Jumat, 10 September 2010


I am thinking about my dream to travel around the world. And I know, the dream won't turn into reality without any effort. All I have to do is gaining enough money, right? It encourages me to find proper jobs after my graduation. Wish me luck with this job-seeking process guys! (and please remind me to save money.. Gosh, it's always about appetite versus  determination!)

And I create the itinerary per year to motivate myself:

2011 = Indonesia, Southeast Asia (I really want go to Singapore in January or Malaysia in March!)

2012 = Indonesia, East Asia (China, Japan, or South Korea)

2013 = Indonesia, South Asia (India) or Middle East Asia (Saudi Arabia)

2014 = Europe!

Hopefully I could fulfill the target!! AMIN!!

NB:  it's not that I forget to find scholarship to study abroad..  it's also one of my biggest dreams but I think it is better to still gain money while searching for scholarship. 

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