Senin, 12 April 2010

I'm Dying For Money!!

Yes, I'm so dying for money!

I'm dying to use those papers, coins, and plastic (credit or debit card I mean) to realize some of my dreams:

  • Traveling around Indonesia and the world! No, no.. I don't need 5-star hotel.. or branded fashion stuff in Milan/Paris.. or limousine for a city tour... or handsome Brad Pitt-look alike tour guide. I want the challenging one, backpacker style. I want bicycle to explore Tuscany village, I want to stay at old castle in Scotland (with friends of course, I'm a bit afraid of ghost thingy), I don't mind being with livestock on a bus trip to Tibet (I can simply use wet perfumed-tissue to handle it), diving with school of fish, watching classic orchestra in old building... yeah, that kind of journey I've been dreaming of all day. Cheap (some might be not that cheap but will be great to try), colorful, and meaningful
  • Having an environmental-friendly house. I don't need it to be that big but it must be a comfortable place for me, my future husband, and my future children (3 sweet kids I hope :p). I also want a backyard for my boys playing football and my girls playing "masak-masakan". Beautiful garden with flowers, herbal and fruit plants. Artificial waterfall and fish pond. Ethnic-minimalist interiors. Natural soft colors. Wood and glass elements. Beautiful functional cooking set. Two cozy chairs close to the window. A set of home theater with Playstation and karaoke set. Mushola. Pictures. LIBRARY. Tea set. Warm bed rooms. Artistic lamps (I don't like the crystal one). Very fast internet connection. Okay, I think it will be a big house.

(to be continued... I have many dreams :p)

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