Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

Middle Name Problem

I feel so confused right now

I had just booked two tickets from AirAsia for me and my husband, and then I realize : "Do I need to put my middle name in the booking form??". Well, actually the form only requires first and last name, so I did not mention my mid name. But then I go through some articles that said that we indeed have to write the middle name -- just like in the passport -- or else we might get into trouble in the check in counter or even in the immigration. 

I tried to contact the call service assistance, but they cannot change my booking name. No help at all.
Then I browsed around the web to find that I am not alone! Many people thought the same thing, 'AirAsia does not have space for middle names in their booking form!'. So, from what I have observed from some forums and blogs, they mostly say that middle name is not necessary. Many of them could fly and enter a country easily with only first and last name printed in their ticket. However, there are still people who's not so lucky and must deal with problem in the counter office--some were asked to buy NEW ticket. 

I got panic right now. Another blog suggested to fill the e-form in the AirAsia web. I did. But it is said that we have to wait for 5 days before they could response. It's too long. I need to know the true answer as soon as possible T_T

So the last thing I'd try is to contact AirAsia via livechat. Some said, this is the faster way to overcome your booking problem. I'm now queuing for the service. WISH ME LUCK!