Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

Up, Up, Up

Recently I feel the improvement in my current conditions. After writing a depressing post not so long ago, I learned to sort things out. I frequently talk to myself, ensuring that "okay, if you did mistake, do not overthinking it.. Just stay calm, there must be solution for everything.. Everybody did mistake anyway".
I try to straighten the twisted wires inside my head. Sometimes removing the unnecessary wire to make it even simpler.
I even talked to myself in front of the mirror. I have to ensure myself that everything will be just fine. Life goes on anyway.
But the most important thing is I learn to be truly grateful for what I have now. Saying "Alhamdulillah" as much as possible. Satisfaction is not only about achieving things (mostly materials). I think it's more like enjoy everything we have now. No need to look the less-fortunates to be more grateful. Just do not comparing yourself with others.

As the result, I feel more positive now. I feel happier. I was happy before, but I just failed to infuse those happiness into the deeper layer of my mind.

I also did some minor changes and though it looks unsignificant, surprisingly it makes me feel good (good suggestion is really good)

I tried to use stairs as much as I could and went to gym at least once a week for an hour of treadmill exercise.

I drank 3-diva juice (of carrots, apples and tomatoes) almost everyday because I read in an article that it can improve fertility. No, it's still one negative line in my pregtest, but I feel much improvement on my health.

I told more jokes at office.

I try to be more compromising to my husband so that we rarely get into unnecessary fights anymore. Of course my husband also did his part to make it works.

I make to-do lists and feel proud if I could check all the lists.

I actualize the plans I made, such as making handmade ornament for my living room or buying things I've delayed for so long.

I make more comprehensive family financial planning. What I meant with "comprehensive" is actually only listing down the family needs and dividing the money accordingly. We make budget for everything. The rest depends on our persistence.

Those are simple things I do that make my life feel better. I conclude here that minor positive changes could cause significant impact to your overall life.
Yes I admit that sometimes I still feel lazy to do this and that, but at least I know the right track to come back.

I also think that I have to my fix my religious life. That's really a big part, the most essential thing in life that is often underemphasized. Something need to do to improve my faith.

Okay, I think that's all about this post.

Special thanks for my partner in life, the one who always be so patient and supportive all the time. Love you.

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