Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

The Happiness Project - Short Review

I recently read this very recommended book titled "The Happiness Project" written by Gretchen Rubin. I bought this more than a year ago, when I was frustrated about being work under evil pressure. But I only reached several pages before I was occupied to other activities and left this book deep inside the shelf. I am glad that I decide to give this book another chance, because this is really a great motivational book. I'm not finishing it yet but it really gives me an impact by only reading several chapters. 

In general, this book tells about Gretchen's journey to find the way to make herself happier, and reveal the true meaning of happiness itself. As the title said, it is really a "project" that she implemented to her daily life for a whole year long. She made "target" each month that she should fulfill and analysed the impact to her happiness level. The target was actually simple things like boost energy by "go to sleep earlier" or being serious about play by "take time to be silly". She even made daily chart to help her monitoring her progress!

What I like about her writings is that she's not only writing about her opinions, but she also put scientific journal, histories, even tales to support her point of view. You know, happiness is something that pretty much intangible but I saw that she made it more "realistic". Very fun read I must say, and very motivating for me.

So, I really recommend this book for every people interested in happiness topic or for them who just need entertaining read. 


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