Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

The Red Date

I really love the "red date" in the middle of the week. It feels like you wake up from your sleep and feel relieved that it's still middle of the night and you have remaining five hours to continue exploring the dream world. Mmm.. maybe not exactly like that, but the "joy" is almost the same.

This morning I woke up earlier and decided to spend this lovely day off's morning by jogging around the neighborhood. By jogging I meant 2 minutes of jogging and continued by slow-walking for 40 minutes with my husband. Cannot believe that I could jog around Sabuga for 5-6 rounds non-stop 4 years ago. My stamina fell down like the current Rupiah's value. Of course I'm blaming my current body weight. And my bad eating habit. And my reluctance to joining the fit and fabulous lifestyle. Okay, at least now I try to make slow-walking as a thrice-a-week routine! Your encourage is highly appreciated.

For breakfast, we ate the chicken teriyaki I made on Sunday (don't worry, it still tasted delicious) then I cooked "pindang udang" for our lunch. That was the first time I used my stone ulekan set to grind the spices. Actually, my husband who did the grinding. He has tougher arm muscle and he, of course, was glad to spend his power on the ulekan

Too bad the cooking result is kinda disappointed. I thought I put too much water that made the pindang tastes a little bit too plain. But fortunately, my michelin-winning side-dish sauteed oyster sauce broccoli and carrots with tofu had saved our lunch! 

So we ate the lunch peacefully while watching Insidious 2. The movie was just so-so anyway; maybe because I didn't watch the first movie and I did not understand some parts. Then we got sleepy and took a nap for around an hour. Honestly, that felt like a bless to take a nap on the working day Tuesday!

Oh I forgot to tell that on this day's bathroom session, I scrub my body with Wardah's olive scrub and instead of using my usual minty dettol liquid soap, I used my precious L'occitane shea butter shower cream (isn't it a very important thing to tell?). After that, I think my beauty upgraded to the Jane Levy's level. Lol.

And now..  here I am writing a nonsense on this blog.

What a beautiful day...

-Arresty W. Andhini-

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