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Happy 1st Anniversary!

January 5th, 2013

I finally entered into one of most sacred moments in my life: getting married. At that time, I had just known my husband for less than a year. I still remember the first time I met him. On our office, OFL Building 3rd Floor, he was there typing something on his PC. And I was going to use copy machine. But our first conversation happened when he decided to say hi when he passed my cubicle. Later on, he said that he was attracted to me since he saw me confusing over that copy machine. He even spied on me on facebook to find out whether I'm single or not before he decides to greet me. 

Everything progressed very fast.. and in October 13th, we were officially engaged. After the engagement procession, we headed to Jakarta to watch Big Bang concert. He didn't like K-Pop before he met me, but I kinda affected him eventually :p 

Then, January 5th 2013, he pronounced the "ijab kabul" and we are officially a partner for life. 

Time goes so fast.. It's been a year since our wedding ceremony. There are actually a lot of new things I learn about him and vise versa. Up until now, we still learn to compromise each other's personalities. We had fought lot of times, but we learned to cool the tense and reconcile as soon as possible. 

Sometimes, we have to put our ego behind our brain to make our partner happy. It is worth it. Seeing our partner happy makes you feel happier as well. Marriage is really about a balanced give and take. 

So, for my dear husband Prayudi Noverri:

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

We shall rock the world

-Arresty Wahyu Andhini-

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