Selasa, 08 November 2011


I always have a thing for culture. I mean, I really love watching culture programs on TV--NGC and BBC have lots of good programs. It always makes me wonder how is it to stay in a place that's completely different with my current residence. To observe people with different body features, language, mindset and also to adapt with foreign environment and customs.
Well, actually it doesn't mean we have to go abroad because fortunately Indonesia is heterogeneous country. Just cross the border line then you will instantly recognize the peculiarity by hearing their accent (for example, if you ride a train from Bandung to Jogja, you will find out that Sundanese and Javanese merchants spell "mizone" differently).
But we all know that human being is basically divided into groups of distinct physical and personal characteristics and they exclusively settle in different parts of Earth or get mingled with another group to make a new alliance. So never limit your journey inside your country if you want to learn more about diversity. Besides, though Indonesia is indeed a beautiful country, we should not forget that God has created a lot more beautiful spots out there.

So maybe one day I will find a job that's mainly related to culture or people's behaviors, then travel a lot, become a writer, and end up turning into a lecturer. I still don't know yet.

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