Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Men are Silly

I discover this fact from my close man friend, in a beautiful rainy day 2 years ago. Well, I cannor recall the whole situation but maybe it went like this:

me: let’s take a walk around campus. it’s beautiful (preparing an umbrella)

him: no way. man doesn’t use umbrella.

He was a villainous man so I thought it was just his excuse to avoid me (He’s evil like that; what kind of man that told his girlfriend that she was just “nothing to lose” for him? After all, she was no different with an erasable scratch on his final exam paper)

But no, he was surprisingly being honest to me. Men don’t use umbrella. Approved by those self-proclaimed gentle men all over the world (at least in my circle of friends)

For them, using umbrella means:

- Gay (possibly the bottom ones)

- Drag Queen

- Weak

It’s way better sprawling on their bed with thermometer tucked between their lips after dampening their manly body under the rain than safely dry-walking under an umbrella alone. Not to mention about the cost they have to spend—at least IDR 5,000 for paracetamol. And if they opt to wait the rain to stop, they will waste their precious time. Time is money. So either way, they will dissipate their fortune.

Now I doubt that scientific research saying that men are rational. Yes, it’s reasonable that they will choose their game online session over a quality time with their girlfriends. Games are more interesting than quarrelsome women, it’s true. But for this umbrella case, I don’t think men are that rational. Man always want to look cool, by hook or by crook.

Come to think about it, that should be the same reason why they love cigarettes. Being cool is just so addictive. And sometimes, silly.

And woman, we’re still that irrational to always fall for men (not valid for lesbians)

*again, a repost from my tumblr*

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