Selasa, 27 September 2011


Life is something that I cannot fully understand.

Something that is even more difficult than the most complicated modern physic and math equations which sent people to the moon. And probably more intricate than the riddle of black hole and the enigma of Atlantis.

But weirdly, the stage of life always follows the same exact pattern. Just like one plus one is two and blue plus yellow is green.
Life is such a complicated matter in a chronological way. It's.... peculiar.

Mothers give birth, babies turn into toddler, toddlers then grow into teenagers, and finally when you reach certain age, government will claim you as their major citizen. You will work, pay the tax, and hope your governments will be wise enough not to use it for wars. If you're lucky (or not so lucky), you probably will live until 70 or more. If not, well, death is another mysterious part of that complicated circle.

Life is always about growing, socializing with others, earning money to fill primary and non-primary needs, reaching something, falling in love, having family, getting older and wrinkled, then probably die in accident or acute disease.
Life is both being an angel or an evil.
Sometimes you just have this particular need of helping others and seeing them happy. Yes, being needed by others is somehow make you satisfied. When you sincerely please others and make them show their genuine smile, you will feel glad as well. Oddly true.
But then there is also moment in which you want to strangle your lover you for being so annoying. Sometimes, you have this urge to talk behind your best friends' back. You want to say rude words to people you don't like. There's always a hidden spot for hatred in your heart.

.. oh yeah, that's just life...

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