Kamis, 24 Februari 2011


She was seven or eight when she found out that Doraemon was just a product of imagination. That there wasn't such technology similar to black magic in form of a worn out white pocket attached to a blue cat's belly. Not that she had a particular obsession to Doraemon though. No. She even rarely woke up at 8 on Sunday morning to watch the show. For her, sleeping was more prestigious than watching weekend's cartoon parade. She was just a lazy ass after all.

But she once had a wish to adopt a high-tech cat robot just like Doraemon. Hopefully in cuter version, say, with ears and white ribbon tying its neck. Girls always love cute nonsensical stuffs right?

Inside her shallow thought, Doraemon was like another visualization of Santa Claus. She wasn't a Christian but thanks to television and books for introducing this interesting fat old man clad in red costume to her innocent life. And Christmas celebration did look so delightful on screen and malls. That made her secretly wishing her family to celebrate it too so she would have a pine tree decorated with cookies and glass balls ornament on her living room. And of course, she hoped her house had a chimney to make the thief-like Santa could throw her a present through it.

Actually, these ideas were soon forgotten after her father tucked her some amount of money in Idul Fitri and her mother cooked super delicious dishes for that special occasion.

Well, she still loved the existence of Santa Claus and Doraemon in her imagination world. Okay, Doraemon is much more sophisticated than Santa but still, both of them are fat and they granted children's wishes of present and magical devices.

But eventually she knew her parents could be her real Santa and Doraemon.

She viewed her life and her world in the simplest point. Find the joy.

She was just a little girl. She loved festivity. And money to buy her favorite sweets. Deeper logical/religious thoughts was yet to be planted on her mind.

When she grows up, she would realize that life always have borderlines.

And she definitely needs that line... because she is not as innocent as a 5-year old girl anymore.

*incoherent rambling (again)*

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