Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

when reality seems like a dream

Here my feet are still on the ground, right?

I've been experiencing an unconscious state-alike for almost 5 hours... since I woke up to the sound of SMS ringtone and found that I finally got the ticket. Yes, that ticket. Super Show 3 second day in Singapore.

I phoned the agency to make sure that we really get those tickets. Then I called Bimbi (we got frustrated during our chat session the day before). I sent a text message to Gracia (yesterday I made her stressed out in her office by sending a picture of other person's ticket).

But I (we) are so unbearably excited now.

I feel those butterflies in my stomach...

is it real? are we really going to watch Super Junior live concert??~~ oh I'm drooling now :">

I think I will be spazzing over Super Junior for the next two months :p

(Ya Allah permudahlah segalanya bagiku)

2 komentar:

RIMITED mengatakan...

OMAIGAT. this post is so f*ckin hilarious!! I'm so happy for you girlssss!! congrats ya! foto2 yg banyak.. salam sama abang2 gue. hahaha. kalo ketemu bos sm, tanya sama dia, buka vacant gak? gw mo daftar. HUAKAKAK.

Arres mengatakan...

HIHIHI... doain aja ya bang Edo, semoga beneran jadi. Sebenernya kalo tiket belom di tangan, gw masih deg-degan walo orangnya bilang tiket beneran udah ada~

iya do, nanti gw tanyain apa masih ada lowongan jadi cleaning service di dorm-nya abang2 lo HAHAHA :D