Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

7 Years of Love

j'adore, monsieur Cho!

I really love this person's voice >.<
I don't know how to explain it precisely, but he has such a deep bass voice that could melt you down~
He's one of the main vocalists of Super Junior and also part of Super Junior KRY, Super Junior M, and the new S.M. The Ballad. He was participated in some K-drama soundtracks as well (he's kinda specialist in singing ballad songs though).
Well, he is not the hottest member of Super Junior, but his voice is definitely the sexiest among others (at least in my opinion :p).

~I'm really curious to hear that voice live

hot times, miss you (SM The Ballad), one love,
the night Chicago died,
heartquake (Super Junior KRY),
listen to you, 7 year of love, puff the magic dragon (single)
, shining star, sorry sorry answer, marry u (and other Super Junior's track~)

big belly idol Cho Kyuhyun (lmao)


viva les fangirls!

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