Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Icy Blue

Last night, I got my first ice-skating lesson. Yihaaa... It was at a new skating arena in PVJ Mall, Garden Ice, and thanks God, my birthday friend paid me the entrance ticket along with the new pair of socks (I was so lucky).

There were five of us, consisted of two couples and one single lady (yeah, sure you know who is the single one). I was the only person who never tried ice skating before while the rest were quiet expert on this (at least they could slide their skates smoothly on ice). So I was ended up skating around the side of arena, holding on the metal fence that surround the ice field, while the couples were creating their intimate zone at the center of arena *sigh*.

Okay, there will always be the first time right? And I know I could learn it practically by myself :)

Later on I found my slight basic in roller skating quite helped me to manage my balance on the slippery surface. Or was it just because my secret talent on ice-skating? :p I don't know but after 3 times fell down, I was getting used to the game and slowly could leave the fence and crossed the arena by myself. Hurray~ It was fun! And I was kinda proud of myself after seeing other newcomers like me were still stuck on the fence until the arena closed :D

Ah, I should try ice-skating again next time! Two hours were not enough~

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