Senin, 29 Maret 2010


I don't know.. sometimes I feel so random.
I want to cry but can't find the reason why I have to cry
I want to laugh but there's no such funny things to laugh at
My mind, my heart.. they're going somewhere
Hard to focus, unconsciously I trap myself inside this circle
That's why I need people around
They keep me staying on earth, they take over my vision
Even though I don't say anything at all.. me with my silent mouth
I don't know.. sometimes I miss my childhood
Call me spoiled, but I just want to hug my mother now
Tell her I did many mistakes, I worried many things on my future
And I know my mother will simply tell me "don't worry, everything will be okay"
Sometimes I feel alone when I enter my bed room
And find the wall hiding the sun behind
I want to make it fall into pieces
Shouting out my thoughts
Then I can run, run, run
But where do I go?
The blank point will still exist, no matter where I am...

I don't know, this 3-day nonstop headache has messed me up
.... or maybe I just forget to be thankful?

update : then everything's going fine after I eat a bowl of muntahu, practice for sendratari, and laugh. thanks God :)

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