Rabu, 24 April 2013

Love Post

it's been a while since the last time i posted something here. honestly i have lots of spare time now, but to write something, it requires more than just free time, right? compared to my college years when i could write hundreds posts in a year, it's such a shame that in these past two years (right right, since I graduated!) I became so unproductive. maybe that's what we call "writer's block"(not that I'm a writer though).

so today, i have this determination to update this blog. i should write something. anything.

and because right now I'm missing my husband so much, i decide to pick him as the main subject of this writing. 

my husband-he is in offshore field right now-is a handsome man in the eyes of his wife. but that does not make me instantly fall for him--he is, to be honest, just not my type. In our early encounters, I assumed that he was kinda stiff, lack of humor-type of man. i did not feel so comfortable around him at first. but he was so persistent (he said it was one of his strategy: "dipepet terus sampai mau")and eventually, we spent more time together--from breakfast to dinner, movies, beach etc. if i did not want to spend time outside my dorm (because I'm too lazy), then he would come and ask me to accompany him eat something in the nearby food shop. i ended up getting used to his presence. and he was not the man that i thought to be anymore. he is actually funny (in his own cute way), kind, and very patient. i become so open up and be myself in front of him. slowly i fall for him :)

right now we've been married for almost 4 months.

it feels so GREAT.

yes, we have argued many times. i'm a sensitive person and he is, well, he is just a MAN. we apparently have different point of view towards many things. clashes are unavoidable. 

nonetheless, it is still very beautiful to share your life with someone you love 

it is pleasant to have him holding my hands 

it is amazing to have him hugging me before we fall asleep

 it is a sacred moment when we learn Al-Qur'an together 

it is funny whenever he puckers his lips like a fish, asking me to kiss him

and everything is under the right way, the strong marriage bond. 

I love you my husband, Prayudi Noverri

wish us the greatest life together forever :)

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