Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

(a short) bb cream review

So, I've just tried this bb cream from skinfood (aloe sun bb cream with SPF 20 PA +) and I'm quite unsatisfied with the result. It has sweet fragrance, which becomes a good point, and it fairly covers my blemishes. Unfortunately, the color is too light for my medium-dark skin so I think it's generally not recommended for malayan people. It will make us look pale. The coverage also doesn't last too long, only 4-5 hours (probably because I have combination skin). Another bad news is that I got breakout a day after my first try.

I also tried another bb cream. It's from maybelline and though it's much cheaper than skinfood, it fits me better. Its beige shade blends with my skins perfectly and makes my face look naturally smooth lol. But, it doesn't have good oil control so in 4-5 hours, my face turns into oil refinery.The fragrance is also similar to the scent of common foundation.

I will definitely try another brands (after monthly pay day of course XD). And if you are in Indonesia and interested to asian skincare/make-up, you may want to check this site. FYI, you can buy samples from that shop ;p

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