Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

an insignificant post about researcher

Technique-driven statistical analysis can be like the blind men
sent by the king to examine an elephant. The man who feels the leg
says an elephant is like a pillar, the one who feels the tails says
it is like a rope, the one who feels the tusk says it is like a
pipe. It is left to the king to integrate the accounts, which he
does masterfully (Peter Bruce from statistics.com)

It's been lingering on my mind a thought about how researcher--or anyone involved in science matter--can be such a romantic person. Instead of being rigid serious-looking people, they are actually poets clad in white laboratorium coat. Rather than pouring their inspiration to parchment, they choose to express their melodious mind by revealing the mystery of our mother earth--or anything that had them curious.

Scientist or researcher is a profession filled with love, passion, curiousity, and it grants you with satisfaction once you acknowledge another secrets of universe--that may ease people's life or make them know how to differentiate between right and wrong.

Well, I'm definitely not a scientist but that's how I perceive their works.

I wonder how biologists could see a poisonous toad as an exotic creature.
And how those philologists scrutinize ancient literature. Is it like the most beautiful painting their eyes have ever seen?
Archeologists with their old ruins. Probably like pirates with their hidden treasure.
Or Peter Bruce with his technique-driven statistical analysis--like King, blind men, and the elephant.

Romantic, aren't they?

Unfortunately, in Indonesia, people will respect you higher if you were doctor or working in eminent company.
Scientists are kinda rare here. I never have friends of same age whose permanent job are related to scientific or social research, except they have plan to be lecturer in future. Or is it always like that? A scientist is equal to lecturer?

And yeah, it's been known that most of our devoted scientists are now living abroad, doing research with greater facilities. People get angry with our super governments.

So what?

Aside from Indonesian Governments' micro-budget for research and development, it is also our environment that wants us to live a daily 8-to-5 (or more) life. Money is revolved around those jobs. Be a good child and have the share of cash. That's simply the rule to happiness (in other words, stable life). So, hey angry people, do you really want your children to be a scientist or researcher? Do you really allow your children to take major in physics, sociology, or geography and let them work in those fields? Well... you know, Banks accept mostly any major :)

In my personal opinion, I think it's really fine for scientists to live abroad and become more useful there. What's so wrong if ones invent something in Indonesia or in other countries as long as it aims for the virtues of whole society? Don't prevent them doing so.

Oh, damn you the creator of borderlines, you make things more difficult (who the hell are you anyway? oh wait, I think it's us)

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