Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011


this afternoon I went to a supermarket and drowned myself into those toiletries and home appliance racks. well, i only brought 50k inside my pocket so basically I just wanted to walk and spend the time there—and planned the stuffs I want to buy in the future (yeah, this should be done by all the single ladies on Saturday’s night)

first, i checked some skin and hair care products. i was tempted to buy a hair dye but my mom will definitely choke me to death if my hair turns red. so i eliminated this hair-thingy out of my head and looked for other products: moisturizer, body lotion, sun blocks, facial wash, etc. lots of new products anyway (or maybe I had just realized it because I rarely watch commercials on TV).

and of course there were also lots of cute things an home section. I found a chef-shaped timer, cute jars, flowery apron, unique spice containers, colorful waste bin, etc. even the kitchen appliances had more tantalizing look nowadays (I imagined my mother will look catchy while cooking something super delicious)

Honestly, it really motivated me to get married (someday) and decorate my own house… with wood materials, pastel tones, and beautiful stuffs *blush*

I must make a dreamy face back then.

eventually, i was back home with mustika ratu’s body butter. It has the scent of coffee and it’s kinda addictive since I couldn’t stop sniffing on my own skins—maybe few hours later I will lick it since it smells like jam and I’m hungry now.

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