Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

When you get frustrated (because of your final project)... just do this!

In after-class session, me and friends have a dance tutorial to refresh our mind (thank you final project, you drive us mad).

And what dance by the way?

Yeah, it's Sorry-Sorry dance from Super Junior! Pretty cool, right? I want to have that flexible body! They are really good in dancing and the song is ear-catching. Entertaining :)

The video embedded above is a (more) simple version of the dance so we (hope) can learn it in easier way............. but we're just a beginner so it's still very difficult for us.

But it does not mean I like their beautiful face by the way (because I prefer those who are more manly--and natural :p).

Rata Tengah

It's dhea, dance for us :)

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tyas mengatakan...

hoo, jadi obatnya stressmu itu joget ya ress...hehehe
jgn suju doang ah, cobain boyband girlband korea lainnya, haha