Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

What I'm Doing Right Now

Well, instead of working on my final project, I prefer to create something for my room.
Actually, I make this after visiting my friends' room. They make their room feels cozy and very personal. So, here I am.. cutting, gluing, arranging, and writing stuffs that reflect myself. I'm gonna make my room becomes more "me" (don't worry, my room is CLEAN and TIDY now :p).

An I hope I could be more positive in doing my projects. Yey :D

look, there are pictures of places in the world, movies I've watched, camera, amusement park ticket, opera ganesha ID card, heart shape, food, shoes, etc. it is not finished yet, i need more pictures!

I also stick posters on my wall:

those are the posters of Tanggap Warsa PSTK-ITB from 2008-2010. i steal the poster every year :p

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